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BrightStars Program Focus: Westerly Inclusion Preschool Program - Babcock Hall - From our Blog

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BrightStars Program Focus: Westerly Inclusion Preschool Program - Babcock Hall

The Westerly Public Schools Early Childhood Preschool (WPSECP) classrooms are dedicated to teaching ALL children in high quality settings. Children with and without developmental disabilities are taught by Certified Early Childhood Special Education teachers. The Creative Curriculum which is aligned with the Rhode Island Early Learning Standards guides our learning and teaching practices for children. Teaching through play is the foundation of their daily practices.

Westerly's Preschool classrooms first became involved in BrightStars in 2013. Their purpose in participation was to continue learning best practices in early childhood education, participate in on-going quality improvements for the program and staff and provide high quality early childhood education options for the parents and children living in Westerly. Through participation in BrightStars, Westerly was able to access more than $40,000 in grant money to fund identified improvement goals.

Quality improvements made to the WPSECP include purchasing and implementing the Creative Curriculum, continued professional development relating to general education  curriculum and  including  children with disabilities, expansion of supplies and materials, accessing to Technical Assistance on an on-going basis, refining assessment strategies for ALL children and much much more.

Westerly Inclusion Preschool Program - Babcock Hall recently achieved a 5-star rating. Babcock Hall is the home to two Inclusive Preschool Classrooms. The program services children with and without special needs.

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