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Learn about the BrightStars Assessors

You may have entered your program and seen an unfamiliar face in your child’s classroom, or a teacher may have mentioned that an assessor from BrightStars may be visiting your child’s classroom. Assessors are present because the program has made a commitment to quality improvement.

You may see an assessor from BrightStars in your child’s classroom under the following circumstances: 

  • The program is applying to join BrightStars and an assessor is evaluating the program in order to be assigned a star rating


  • The program is applying to increase their current BrightStars star rating.

BrightStars assessors receive specialized training and observe the program’s educational components, indoor and outdoor spaces, social interactions amongst children and between staff/children.  These observations help determine the star rating and the supports and benefits the childcare program is eligible to receive. During the observation the assessor(s) strive to blend in as seamlessly as possible so as to not disrupt the natural flow of the program. 

It is important to note that BrightStars assessors do not interact with or evaluate the children nor do they gather individualized, highly identifiable information.  

To learn more about BrightStars and the standards and criteria assessed click here.

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