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Lifelong Learners

Professional development is important for all professions.  This is especially true for the field of early care and education. 

Early Care and Education professionals participate in several different professional development opportunities each year.  Your child’s teacher is on a continuous path to learning!  These professional development opportunities allow teachers and administrators to develop in their field, and to bring back new and innovative ideas to the classroom. 

Professional Development topics vary.  Some of the topics available are:

Health and Nutrition

Science Curriculum

Working as a partner in the classroom

Supporting Social and Emotional Development

…and SO much more.  The Center for Early Learning Professionals has a comprehensive catalog of opportunities.  You can learn more about the offering by visiting the Center for Early Learning Professionals website: http://center-elp.org/.   

The Department of Children, Youth, and Families has outlined the professional development expectations for family child care and child care center professionals.  Visit the DCYF website for licensing expectations: http://www.dcyf.ri.gov/licensing.php.  

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